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Cookie crumbs & Coffee trails no.1

I have tried. Tried in every possible way to stop, to forget. Oh, you wouldn’t believe to what lengths I have gone to peel my eyes off the perfect little chocolate muffin, or to keep my feet from rushing towards the foamy macchiato!

But to no avail. Coffee and cookies win the battle. Always. The thing is, in my case, they have to come at the right time, and the right setting, to be fully enjoyed. Preferably with the right people, too.

Let me open this aromatic trail with the café that saved my life – Terra coffee house in Macau.

It’s a tiny establishment on the corner of a steep street, and quite inconspicuous at first. It’s only when you come a little closer and look through the glass wall that you see that it’s a cosy café, with the owner/barista behind the bar, and the perfect jazz tunes coming out to smooth the most crumpled of moods.

The day I went in I was on edge, with a strange case of vertigo. I can feel it again as I’m writing this: pavement caving in, head spinning as if impersonating a frisbee, stomach turning… In that state, the only calming thought was: espresso & sit down. That’s when perfection started unfolding! The owner smiled a silent but sincere greeting, prepared the perfect macchiato, poured refreshing water from unique glass bottles and offered the heavenly handmade chocolate cookies. The music played on, I ordered another macchiato, the world stopped blurring and the frisbee-head wobbled back to normal.

When in Macau, visit this refuge from large crowds, flickering casinos and noisy streets.

Largo do Santo Agostinho 1

Terra Coffee