It is flabbergasting how close one can be to their destiny and not notice it at all… or not even remember that one person, that one being, who captures your heart two years later with such a sudden grip, it feels like being enveloped in an ocean wave in slow motion… a calming, soothing, yet very strong embrace. A wave against which you have no chance to fight back.  You just succumb. You drown. In the deep, dark eyes, in the soft susurrations of the velvet voice, in the details of the everyday affections. You let yourself drown and it’s the sweetest emotion.

Two years since the event you both attended, and only now you realise – there’s the two of you, in the same photo, just one person apart. There’s the two of you at the same reception, you trying to talk to someone else, him trying to talk to you, both unsuccessful. And then <<smack>>! One teeny weenie sentence opens the door, two years later, and the truth comes pouring out, unhindered by the fear of rejection, unhindered by the feeling of doing something that’s ‘’out of place’’.

Now…now we have nothing to lose. Two years later means two years the wiser (hopefully). It means we’ve already lost, and displaced, and regretted so much, that truly – there is nothing to lose. And…when you have nothing to lose…? Well, then you are stripped to the core of your very being, then you do what you really feel you need, you want, to do without the background noise like ‘’what will my friends say’’,  or ‘’no, I give up, I will just make a fool out of myself’’, and ‘’next time, there will be a next time, I will be more courageous, I will say something then’’.


If you’ve got something to say, say it now. Do it now, if at all possible. One can always reason that there is a ‘’a right time and a right place for everything’’, but what have you got to lose if you lend a helping hand yourself, instead of waiting for the universe to do all the work? 😉


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