Let go!

Let go
Let go

Subtitle: Hammocks and banana peels

The universe can be as comforting as a hammock strung between two palm trees, or as dangerous as a banana peel on an icy side-walk.

If you choose the banana peel view, the chances are, you’ll find yourself staring at the ground all the time, searching for problems and obstacles. And you sure will find them. You might become so focused on the search, you’ll surpass Sherlock himself in deductive prowess! Thus, even the innocent banana peel hidden in the dark corner, meant for someone else to slip on, will become your worry.

Hammocks are a different matter. Just imagine: you prepare your favorite drink, sink into the colorful piece of cloth hanging above the ground, and what do you see? The sky. The trees. Perhaps other people, or new opportunities.  Most importantly, you relax and feel at ease, enveloped in a safety net of sorts. You can continue thinking about your job, relationships, kids, exams or loans… but without anxiety, because you feel that hammock supporting your back.

The hard part is learning to let go, and trusting that the hammock will, indeed, support you when you fall into it.  Just as hard as peeling your eyes away from the streets and banana peels. It’s worth it, though.

It doesn’t mean that spending the rest of your life in a hammock will solve all your problems 🙂 Or that you don’t ever need to strive or fight hard for something. Absolutely not. It just means that you can focus on doing, being and feeling your best, without the fear of failure. Without the anticipation of hurdles, and failures and banana peels. Instead, you will attract the positive things this universe has to offer and see failure as a lesson, an chance to do better.

You already know what fear feels like. Fear is healthy when it’s intuitive, involuntary. When it’s artificial, amplified by our belief in banana peels, it can be discouraging.

Try letting go. Don’t have to buy a hammock. Imagine it. Go outside, look up at the sky for a couple of minutes every day. Oh, what was that, you say it’s raining? So? We may be kind and sweet, but we are not made of sugar! Look up, let go, and the universe will be there for you 🙂


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