Enter. Labyrinth. Break through.
So many paths, endless coils
Derranged, twisted…
I lost myself in you
In your maze of thoughts.

How do you think?
WHAT do you think?
Is it really you inside?
This labyrinth is your own —

No? No, no, its been engraved into
You, slowly, painfully
Day by day, word by word,
Effacing your childhood gradually.

Now the scars itch.
With every scratch
You make, they burst and
Pelt you with old bullets.

Can I help you? Let me
Tell the truth that is
Kept inside your sick heart
Tear it apart.

Your tangled state of mind
Slammed the door shut
Into both our faces.
– It hurt me more.

Deceit is defeat –
So I’ll strive to open your eyes,
Force them open with my claws.


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